I would highly recommend Maureen as I think she is brilliant in guidance.
— Kelly Baker Warner, Director of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Cambridge Health Alliance

Racial Equity Strategy

Talking about race can be hard; I can help you get the conversation started. Together we’ll create a clear plan for making your organization more diverse, and inclusive. Your team will gain shared language for talking about racial equity, and identify leverage points for change.


Stakeholder Engagement

Involving your stakeholders in creative ways can be the key to a successful strategy. I’ll guide you to clarity on who to involve, and how. (And help you make sense of what you learn from them along the way.)


Strategic Planning

Organizations are more effective when everyone is focused on rowing in the same direction. I’ll facilitate your board and staff through a process to get clear and your strategy so you can think and act strategically all of the time- not just once every three years.


Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a powerful way to gain clarity and confidence as a leader. By using strategic inquiry, I’ll help you to catalyze their own insights about how to increase your performance.


Board Development

A high-functioning board of directors can bring your organization to the next level. I’ll help you get clear on the structures, practices, and processes that will maximize your impact.


Retreat Design and Facilitation

Leaders need time and space to reflect and plan together. I’ll design and facilitate a retreat to get your board and staff thinking with clarity and creativity.


Documentation and Learning

There is immense power in documenting the work of your organization. As a writer and photographer, I can help you tell the story of your program or convening in a way that invites reflection, learning, and inspiration.


Let’s connect and discuss the help you need.